FILTERDYN Company specializes in Water Treatment & Filtration Applications in the Greek Market since 1988.

Has begun operating aiming at the import and marketing of industrial filters and products that have relation with the most excellent quality of water. 

Specifically specializes in the following sectors:

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics,   Food & Beverage Processing, 

Electronic & Coating Industries, Chemicals Processing, General Engineering, e.t.c.

A complete team of qualified Technicians (Mechanical & Chemical Engineers) along with a fully equiped laboratory can analyze parameters and set "test trial plants" for various applications.  


 Further more, the water treatment sector can supply fully Automatic Units, like:    




  • Water Softeners (Single or Twin alternating units)
  • Reverse Osmosis for treating tap - Brackish and sea water
  • Ultra Pure water systems (water for medical applications)
  • De ionisers & mixed bed columns
  • Complete swimming pools installations (electro-mechanical equipments)
  • Renovation of old water treatment systems
  • Chemical for Boiler Feeding Water, e.t.c.


Filterdyn has been certified with ISO9001:2000 for the distribution of products and its services.        

At Filterdyn we proud ourselves in our ability to investigate and solve the technical challenges filtration and water treatment can offer. Above all we can share our knowledge with people who are willing to know and apply what is best for them!!!